​The Challenge-RGV is more than a weight-loss competition; it's an opportunity for participants to start living a healthier & more active lifestyle!
The Challenge-RGV partners with local gyms, fitness experts, nutritionists and local organizations to help participants eat well, lose weight and make permanent healthy changes.

The Challenge event provides social support such as text messaging and phone calls with motivational interviewing, free resources such as exercise classes, and monetary incentives for participants to work towards their weight loss goals. It is also a key method of providing education to our participants and communities at large. The Challenge focuses on promoting physical activity and healthy eating to achieve a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

The event is open to people 18 years and older from anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley. Participants are also not required to be overweight. Individuals who participate in The Challenge have their baseline weight taken at the kickoff event in January, and then again at a midpoint weigh-in and at the finale in April.

Would you like to be part of the challenge?

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