Week 9: What to do if you get off track

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What to do if you get off track

There may be times when you don’t follow your plans for healthy eating or being active. These are known as slips.

  • Slips are normal and to be expected. More than 90% of all people who are on their way to losing weight and being more active have slips.
  • No one time of eating too much or not being active, no matter how extreme, will ruin everything. The slip is not the problem. The problem occurs if you don’t get back on track and keep going toward your goals.

So after you slip:   

1. Talk back to negative thoughts with positive thoughts.            

Negative thoughts can be your worst enemy. Talk back. “I’m not a failure because I’ve slipped. I can get back on track again.”

2. Ask yourself what happened. 

Learn from the slip. Can you avoid it in the future? Manage it better?

3. Regain control the very next time you can.

Do not say, “Well, I blew it for the day.” Make your very next meal a healthy one. Get back on track with your activity plan right away.

4. Talk to someone supportive.

Talk to a friend or supporting family member; discuss your new plan for handling slips and commit yourself to renewed effort.

5. Focus on all the positive changes you’ve made.

You are making life-long changes. Slips are just one part of the process.

Staying Motivated

Think about what you have achieved and hope to achieve. Have you reached your goals?
Think about your successes. What changes in your eating and activity are you most proud of?
Keep a record of your progress. Mark your weight loss and activity milestones on a map toward a goal.
Add new or different things to your routine. Think of some ways to vary your activity and eating plans.
Set new goals for yourself. Reward yourself when you meet them. Set realistic goals; specific and short-term. Do or buy something for yourself only when you meet them